Wie immer krass und fresh bei 17 sons

For its 50th release, 17 Sons Records is proud to give you a compilation of tracks made using the SMPP, a special device developed by some artists of our label.
From smooth minimal dub to trashy rude electronic nightmare…

fraktion – beautiful eyes
knish – sand
liquid concept – monoreactor
mihidea – absolute
mihidea – nesh nesh
mobyl – frozen octopus
nihil limit – build your own future
schizoidal – a sea of unsusual feelings
shizoidal – along the hole we fall
shining men – bolp
teal – agg
teal – gevrenn
xtremist – mistaken parents

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  1. bussi baer

    Sound and Musical Production Process (S.M.P.P.) is a special device used by some artists at 17 Sons records. Like the others devices used it’s a unique combination of hardwares, softwares and human gestures.
    S.M.P.P. has two levels.
    klingt wie ni-reaktor-preset-geschraubsel.
    special device?
    a bisserl arm, gelle!