Bump side anniversary release

Here comes the 100th release of bump side, Bump Foot. This is a compilation, 28 tracks by 28 artists, plus “label title track” by label founder Tatsu.

bump100 cover by xNoleet and Jomino

Bump side got its 100th release. It’s a compilation by artists in bump side (also containing some “both sides” artists). Not everyone is there, someone goes commercial field, someone is missing (they must have changed their mail address and it’s left untold), or other reasons. 28 artists offered their unreleased tracks. Before his solo release, new comer from Estonia, Null Tripp joined this compilation. There is one more bonus track : the last, label title track by Tatsu is it. The artwork is a collaborative work of Jomino and xNoleet. I didn’t tell them any hint, as I didn’t know how this compilation would go. They made it freely, they did it as they wished, I think. This is not the end, the “bump” goes on.

  • Quite-k – About Voodoo (7:10)
  • Nicholáz – Doubts Lost In Love (7:58)
  • Sequential 3 – Meridian (7:10)
  • Adaptive – Hope (6:49)
  • Ethernet – Magnetic (4:54)
  • Revy – Okubo (9:02)
  • Nashen – Minipot (5:31)
  • Retroflexus – Plex (6:26)
  • Samwell – Beenas (8:14)
  • cHMa – Avances De Temporada (7:23)
  • Neotnas – Bidstrup (7:14)
  • Bajjjan – Another Day Of November (5:30)
  • Tayutafu – Afternoon Tea ppa3 (3:48)
  • Radio SSB – Feel It (4:21)
  • Tatsu – Bump Foot (7:49)
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