second release this year, time´s up for the second strike of -clear-cuts_vol.2-.
we like to present you another chapter of minimal creations by ccrec artists. glander is back again with a new breaking soundconcept -hellomoon-. well known chechnyan love brings us in perfect amalgation his new track -today-. jeff willett from calgary is still -fully awake and fully alive- with dub in ccrec-style. into the club at first sight with lilliehorn´s -radiator- from sweden to take your chance with meto´s berlins clubbing crasher -dagobah-. finally -zip machine- e-teb, a new artist on ccrec takes up the breaking minmal flow, leading to collen vax`s -shanghai- performance, closing the vol.2 book to start the special minimal moment again.

01 glander_hellomoon
02 chechnyan love_today
03 jeff willett_fully awake, fully alive
04 lilliehorn_radiator
05 meto_dagobah
06 e-teb_zip machine
07 collen vax_shanghai

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About The Author

clear-cut-records was founded in 2007 as an indipendent electronic music label. the goal is to support and promote talented musicians and producers all around the globe to become public knowledge. the music style reaches from techno to techouse from minimal to deephouse. all releases has one commen: unique and individual electronic sounds - pure emotions. for the club and also for homelistening. all the time the perfect sound. following the clear-cut-records credo: music for minimal moments.