First album for I-Massive, a duo gathering Fingoonet and Guitoud, who already released an album on Fresh Poulp Records earlier (Analogic Time). You ‘ll find in “Fire” the Guitoud‘s dub touch as well as the jungle/d’n’b science of his friend Fingoonet. A joyful mixture where you can also find a remix of Rafiralfiro‘s Istanbul Engloutie, who could have appeared on the related album. Listening to “Fire” is obviously the best way to start springtime !!

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Tracklist :
01. Natty Junglist 7:09
02. Flat Dimension Remix 4:56
03. Return To Jungle 5:56
04. Istanbul Engloutie Remix 4:49
05. Tonio Dub 4:47
06. Babylon Is Burnin 6:57
07. FingouDub 3:53
08. Zeriod 5:19