Get to know Leonard by BitBasic

Are you wandering unsystematically from music blog to community, from myspace to jamendo and back to But you never met an album which combined all your favourite tracks from your beloved music acts? Then let Bitbasic simply introduce you “Leonard”, a musical aid kit for the moments of your life in which you lack melodic electronica. 12 tracks that cover almost any style and mood that music can deliver so far. For those of you that need a musical analogy:  Expect a bunch of tunes on Bitbasic’s Leonard that remind you on acts like AFX, Ulrich Schnauss, Air, Two Loneswordsmen and Steve Reich.

Bitbasic is London-based electronica artist Simon Haycock. His debut album “Leonard ” on rec72 was entirely produced in one month. “As part of the RPM Challenge, where participant musicians are challenged to try and make an album of at least 35 minutes (or 10 tracks) of music”, Simon says. You shouldn’t miss those bright moments of ambient, IDM and shoegaze on one album!

1. Skuppered

2. Plinks

3. Choice

4. Cdr882

5. i love flin

Download album
(including 12 tracks, cover art and additional artist’s info) for free at rec72 Netlabelectronica.

rec72 Netlabelectronica is celebrating the 20th music release with Bitbasic’s Leonard album since we started our mission in 2007. Thanks to you people out there for popping by and helping us to spread the smart music of our fine artists!

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