Lofi, Folk, Electronica

Anois – Tree House Whispers (aer017)

Genre: Lofi, Folk, Electronica

In the north of Germany two young kids try to build their own
interpretation of these feelings. Far from the world, settled right on
the top floor, with two dormer windows where the rain drips on when
it’s unpleasant outside, the two kids record their fragile folk-
electronica songs with simple instruments. They play guitar, melodica,
fan organ, glockenspiel and other acoustic things, while the
floorboards creak and the chairs rumble. Everything around is going to
be recorded, when they use their voices. And then the glitchy blips
and bleeps join the songs to get the taste of electronica. Lars
Kranholdt and Anne Baier are Anois. Two voices that maybe remind you
of your own lost heart or of your traces in the cold white snow, when
it’s winter outside. It looks simple, but it really takes some time to
understand. The music of Anois is complex though this few instruments
because of these fragile elements, which sound also timid, but built
this strong and great atmosphere, where you can hide if the days need
to be muted.

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Anois - Tree House Whispers Cover

Anois - Tree House Whispers Cover

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