Vitrola Adubada is a dub album in the purest jamaican...brazilian tradition !

[LCL13] Buguinha dub : “Vitrola adubada”

01 – Abre caminhos
02 – Liberate
03 – Adubando
04 – Fino da massa 1
05 – Gafieira adubada
06 – Tubarao de bacia
07 – Troca adubada
08 – Satisfacao
09 – O desejo e o mote
10 – Celebrando a vida

Vitrola Adubada is a dub album in the purest jamaican…brazilian tradition !

Sound engeneer for “Nacao Zumbi”, Buguinha dub produces in solo (in studio and on stage) an authentic and rough dub where improvisation holds an important place.

The multitrack recordings that are used for the dubs are played by brasilian artists Buguinha dub recorded and produced in various styles (reggae, afrobeat, dancehall, samba). Add some analog effects and a slice of madness, the result is a unique receipe.

Jahmarraparai !

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About The Author

LCL is for " LibreCommeLair ". (ex "Les Cristaux Liquident") Three letters, and a whole programm : a Creative commons netlabel, organizing cultural events (festival Lacerta vitis, Dub en sauce or Libre session party) working with artists on multimedia projects ("Territoire du sensible"," Pop circuit"), participating to Control K, festival Diffuz, Keep on Dub or supporting the Castaddu Dub station... Founded in 2003, LCL believes that sharing is an essential tool of culture, the basic of its language. Open licenses are for this ideal, and the NTI are the dreamed vector for spreading this spirit. We hope to make you discover artists, make you wanting to exchange with them, and to make them discover after, so that the free culture movement can become perpetual.