Als wären die letzten 20 Jahre nie geschehen. Lofi mit Wandergitarre und sweetem Gesang auf My Mean Magpie eins der sympathischsten Indie Netlabel.

Georgia was the work of Patti Kim (Meowch / Tel Quel) and Five Seventeen (Toys for Elliot / 5MP) who carefully crafted songs with their 4-tracks in separate houses rather than walk the half-block to each others houses. This CD compiles the original Nothing New release issued in 2000 and adds 4 tracks (2 previously unreleased).

From the lesser-known Sesame Street cover, “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” (originally performed by Ernie) to the ethereal “Highway Soul (Miracle Mix)” the album brings in outside talents of Wendal’s Jef McLarnen and Oval-Teen’s Brad Davis to reach levels far beyond their scrappy debut cassette released three years prior.

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