[FT003] Cover

“Rooting” EP is a starting point of Erased Bodies’ music experience, where different genres interact and communicate through unusual beats and melodies, from IDM to glitch, from noise to electronic. “Rooting” is also a metaphorical name to describe Erased Bodies’ quest to delete his “body” and look for a new intensity to produce new chaotic order. The first step of this quest is to find a root and start to erase – to substitute full with empty, give away what is already there and preparing to receive.
Four tracks will guide you in this process, slowly dissolving and erase the music itself.

Erased Bodies – dissolving
Erased Bodies – internal movements
Erased Bodies – playless erasing
Erased Bodies – remains after erasing
Erased Bodies – remains after erasing – Radarfilm purple poo rmx

Download the release as FLAC or MP3 for free at http://www.fantomton.de