Straight and sometimes quite deep club tracks from the net

Some contemporary sounds like the opener by Sudio as well as some older ones. Some tracks are only a few years old but when it comes to netmusic a few years are already some ages. So this mix might have a classic touch as well. For example the Krachgarten piece is one of those classics. It’s not really known if it’s a dj mix by itself or a life set. However, it’s simply great and needs to be played, so there it comes. The Mike Bob Remix is one of my grooviest discoveries of the past months while Altbob Capitol reinvents the groove in a magic way. No more words to loose. Enjoy the mix!

download mp3 – 84 min – 148 mb – 246 Kbit VBR


1. Sudio – Sonic Impact
taken from Strange Attractors E.P. [iD.055]
2. DML – Fin (Liquid Level Remix)
taken from Fin (Remixed) [gft net 005]
3. Rabitza – Synthetic Kisses
taken from Automatik [dig022]
4. Sancho – Believe
taken from #2 the principle of correspondence [Zimmer042]
5. Sarah Goldfarb & D-Click – Kraak
taken from Réincarnations [IM03]
6. Cie – Mike Bob Remix
taken from bonbon e.p. [brq51]
7. Hugo vs. Andreae – What the Fuck
taken from What The Bleep Do We Know? [toni#09]
8. Keinzweiter – Altbob Capitol
taken from Mounted Mars [plx011]
9. Tim Susa – Ute Mach (Waste of Time)
taken from Desire & Regress E.P. [brq51]
10. Meto – Tictoc
taken from Further Development E.P. [c-c-rec_mp3_016]
11. RichVomDorf – Momento (Georgies Tageslicht Remix)
taken from – Momento E.P. [brq54]
12. Lpas – Ghost (Neal White Remix)
taken from Free Of Charge E.P. [DN013]
13. Krachgarten – untiteled
taken from live@idealstandard [idmix05]
14. Gurtz – Luna
taken from Casa De Verano [stadt010]
15. Lazzich – Steps For Kids
taken from Just Seen Nights [FRAG002]
16. Juno6 – Uretic Urgent
taken from Terra Australis E.P. [brq51]
17. Tim Susa – I Wish
taken from Desire & Regress E.P. [brq51]
18. Scaff – Dubbun
taken from Sofamusique 3 [debun18]
19. Mateo Murphy – Womb
taken from The Rising E.P. [THN044]


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