[FT003] Cover

M-Node’s Wandering is a techno album with different influences. Minimal sounds are skillfully mixed with acid and experimental sounds – it’s an exciting trip through the crazy dream world of M-Node. The four tracks are created with the expetation of listener, melodic lines combined with powerfull beats produce a peculiar experience.

Besides the Ep contains two remixes, a quiet Ambient-House version of Radarfilm and a minimal electro of Dj? Tasmo

Have fun ;)

M-node – Wandering
M-node – Dreaming
M-node – Waking up
M-node – Running crazy
M-node – Dreaming Radarfilm lucid dream remix
M-node – Waking up Dj? Tasmo Poison Ivy remix

Download the release as FLAC or MP3 for free at http://www.fantomton.de