Mächtig funkiger Track in Remixen von der gesamten Epsilonlab Posse… Btw. Mossa wird demnächst eine EP für Orac machen :)

Alas, the Lab that is Epsilon has once again reached its golden arm deep into the futuristic underground to bring forth new forms in dance music. This time, Hailing from the lush, sea sprayed lands of Acadie; Alexandre Bilodeau arrives bringing with him a fashionable, cyber-tech dance floor gem. Energy as it is appropriately titled is a venture into glitched-up, stompy tech-house that tickles the senses with its computeristsic genetic make-up and tough, bumping groove. Energy is the type of track that has you wondering “hmm, what the hell is going on here?, I like this” as it thumps and bumps it’s crunchy, crispy drums right into edgy, empty breakdowns, only to return and redeliver it’s club rocking groove- all in a satisfaction inducing style. Alexandre demonstrates his ace production power and unique modern methodology as the track stands in a realm all its own. Moreover, as if the original mix is not enough to make you rethink your Friday night, Energy is offered up here with several hot re-interpretations by a group of usual suspects- all adding there own sexy sonic twists. It is for sure that Alexandre Bilodeau is set to shake things up here at Epsilonlab, with his brilliant, forward thinking release%u2026 more Energy please!

mateo murphy remix
paul keeley remix
pheek remix
eloi brunelle remix
vincent casanova remix

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