The artist visit the area at Vogesen in the east of France to produce this EP. He grabbed some of his studio equipment and drove with some friends to the nature. The city boy Peter Clamat was inspired by this charme of a village. In this unique even seclusion he created the sound of Usual Situation EP. The very special studio ambience was one of the main sources of the extraordinarily transparent and airy sound of the EP. Also enjoy the great video by Jörg X. Franzmann ( Perlon ) and Annette Sihler for the track Tantomal (Stockholm).

Video + release info

Tracks :
1. Tantomal (Stockholm) [08:42]
2. Tradition Falloff (Barcelona) [08:10]
3. Jurancon (Intl.) [08:24]
4. Tantalus Quantalus (Copenhagen) [08:18]

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