Historic Esencial is the first solo EP of Thomas Marlow at auflegware Netlabel. Thomas has got some years of experiences with deejaying and producing. He could also look back at some releases at enliven Musik and auflegware Konsum. Today he comes with five tracks. They are definitley made for the dance floor. Coevally they reflects his musical history of the last years. Influenced with minimalistic styles and meridonal rhythms the EP surprised with tricky sound gimmicks.

Bonus at the EP Historico Esencial: a remix from The Boys from Brazil and a music video from Mathis Johnsen.

Tracks :
1. Hello Mother Natur [11:08]
2. Cuando me des tu amor [07:58]
3. Madeira [07:07]
4. Need It [04:05]
5. Hello Mother Natur ( The Boys from Brazil Remix )[11:23]

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