A vast collaborative work. 20 Tracks full of surprises.

Recto Versus vol. 2

RECTO VERSUS serie : an artist from the label remixes and is remixed by other musicians, coming from LCL netlabel or invited.

After Volfoniq on volume 1, the second opus of the “Recto Versus” serie puts an artist from the label at the center of a vast collaborative work that lasted for one year and spreads over several countries.

Arrogalla and his colleagues expose their vision of a generous and universal musical language, using numerous sonic vocables : dub, lofi, dubstep, minimal, electronica, chiptune, funk, deviant hiphop, …

01 . The secret of benalonga (King Kietu rmx Arrogalla)
02. Ladamini (Arrogalla rmx Ratapignata)
03 . Sardignia springtime tweak (dr dub rmx Arrogalla)
04 . Train to tripland ft Claudia Aru Carreras (Arrogalla rmx Peak)
05 . Camellu bellu (Signorafranca rmx Arrogalla)
06. I, I, I, and the Island (Ras Amerlock rmx Arrogalla)
07. Dubtical mutetu (Arrogalla rmx Roots Ista Posse)
08. Oi till you want refixed (Volatil rmx Arrogalla)
09. Torramindedda sa sennora (Arrogalla rlx Signorafranca)
10. Belgrano dub (Arrogalla rmx Volatil)
11. Remake Arrogalla (tdBt & the Garys rmx Arrogalla)
12. Spores musks and lichens (Arrogalla rmx Volfoniq)
13. 100127 (Hyqo rmx Arrogalla)
14. A bisur e mraxani remix (Vinilette rmx Arrogalla)
15. Iki lol-love dub (Arrogalla rmx dr dub)
16. Mai citiu remix feat. Quilo (Jambassa rmx Arrogalla)
17. Fregula lo western (Arrogalla rmx King Kietu)
18. Marry Xmas (Arrogalla rmx Ganga)
19. Naramiddu poita feat. Quilo (Arrogalla rmx Dadub)
20. Upsetting furriada (Dadub rmx Arrogalla)

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