The set starts with some droning ambient and fades into the world of playful IDM which was quite popular on the net in the beginning of this century. Fascinating music which brought me personally even closer to netmusic and which is still very enjoyable. After that part the set turns into a Four-on-the-floor house and techno set. Back in the days it was quite hard to create such a DJ set made only with netaudio tunes. There simply was no such music free on the net. Fortunately, this has changed nowadays. The set presents some of the classic floor movers as well as some current flavors.
Finally I decided to edit the live recorded DJ set in order to provide an alternative ending and to play some additional tunes which I somehow missed to play live. Please enjoy this set and be shareful!

download 77 min 139 mb mp3 251 Kbit VBR

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