John E. Flash is back with his debut album. Unlike his former works on autark, in tracks like “Leaf” he introduces dubbier sounds this time. Yet, other tracks like “Der Usurpatorkomplex” stand out due to their cold, post clicks’n’cuts aesthetics. “Flora & Fauna” rises from a soundscape consisting of recordings made in Austrian forest while “One Five Six” and “Folie a? deux” are jaunts through razor-edged electronica.

01 Leaf
02 Flora & Fauna
03 Vol de nuit
04 Der Usurpatorkomplex
05 Apart
06 Folie a? deux
07 One Five Six
08 Almost the End
09 Places

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  1. 鈴木

    John E. Flash – Der Usurpatorkomplex [autark aa12] http://de-bug.de/pod/archives/5200.html