NIEDERFLUR remain one of today’s most musically challenging and focussed acts in electronic music. As RICHIE HAWTIN’s fledging act on a (then) young label MINUS in the early ’00’s, the Cologne based duo Christopher Bleckmann and Hannes Wenner released a series of stellar EP’s that put them on the map as the leaders of a new breed of German minimal techno which was just starting to make it’s way onto the scene.

Though over the past decade they have kept busy touring and recording as MISC., NIEDERFLUR was never retired, just put on ice. They explain that “after the first series of Niederflur EP´s which followed a very restritcive concept, we needed a major break from this project to discover that it still had something to offer for us in an artistic way. We started a new chapter very slowly with contributing tracks to the min2max compilations on Minus. From this point on we had quite a way to go until we came to this very open musical definition of what we feel is Niederflur today.”.

This brings us to the present and their return with one of 2010’s most provocative techno releases. “Bipolar” is a bold perspective that reflects the deep history of techno plus brings them back to their early days recording as MONOPHACE who we could as far as proclaiming them to be early innovators of the dubstep movement.

Renown for playing live rarely as NIEDERFLUR, they now return to the clubs in support of their new album “Bipolar”. We asked them about what goes into their show. “Playing live was originally one of the major influences in how we developed as we were able to experiment how to put more of an edge to the music without losing the original framework of the track. Today, when we perform live, this leads to fundamental changes to the music if compared to the original versions we recorded. You’ll hear this especially with some of the older tracks we have completely reworked them to fit with our new material. As we don’t try to keep to fixed arrangements or playlists, even our new tracks can come out completely different sounding at our shows.”










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