Cover zur DRUM SONG SOURCE CODES EP\\Drum Song Source Codes EP

Open Source Riddims, Digital Laptop Raggae & die Weitergabe an die Netz-Electronica-Gemeinde, die aus ein und dem selben Grundmaterial, 1 kb groß, unterschiedlichste Welten erschlossen haben. Herausgekommen ist eine 6-Track ep auf Leipzigs großartigem Label

Our second Jahtari-EP comes as an experimental kind of ‘One-Riddim-Sampler’. Riddims
present the core of the musical sytem of Reggae and are in most cases not much more
than a particular bassline-loop that forms the basis for countless versions. See it
as something like an Open Source Code for music – while in many cases the true origin
of a riddim is lost in history the versions, mutations and transformations of it
highly contributed to the continual evolution of Reggae. The goal is always to add
something new to the riddim. That started off with ‘Dub versions’ (no voice,
structuring by sound and effects) or ‘DJ versions’ (somebody toasting over a riddim)
decades ago.

The idea of our EP was then to extend this spririt way over the closed system of
Reggae and Dub. I chose the ‘DRUM SONG’-riddim, an old piece by the STUDIO 1 backing
band ‘Sound Dimension’ and one of the most versioned riddims ever, sent the MIDI-data
of it to several musician friends from VERY different fields and asked them for a
version. Since everybody started out with exactly the same fistful of MIDI-notes it’s
highly interesting to hear to what spheres the riddim finally took off. From Digital
Roots Reggae (disrupt, krystoff) over the variations of Electronica (lingam cutter,
noisebeyondsilence, parmon) up to the bitcrushed 8bit-aesthetic of over_thrustr (the
22kHz-mono-format is intentionally!) the principle is truely transcending. So be
prepared for something entirely different!

disrupt – Jah Red Gold And Green
krystoff – Holy Mount
lingam cutter – kickermorphose
noisebeyondsilence – Sound Dimension
parmon – Kimension Drums
ovr thrustr – SND_EFECTBIAS