words by Thomas Raukamp
Dimitar Dodovski is quite a new name to the international netaudio scene. I became aware of him when he released his “Internal Affairs EP” on aeronautique last year. Unfortunately, the Berlin based Techno & Ambient label decided to take down all its past releases from its website, and Dimitar’s debut doesn’t even seems to be available on anymore. This is sad, as it would deserve some more attention.

But there are good news for friends and fans, as the excellent and well-established Tropic Netlabel released Dodovski’s second EP some days ago, and the Macedonia based musician proves to have evolved immensely since his 2009 mini-album. There’s no doubt “Fiction Makes Sense” is one of the most ambitious releases the team around Daniel Tischer has given life to so far. Leaving behind traditional recipes and formulas of conventional dance music, Dimitar Dodovski melts a bunch of different musical influences including Dub, Electro-Funk, Electronica, Glitch, Techno, and IDM into one interesting and richly coloured sonic universe of his own.

The opener “Nitetime” acts like a summary of what to expect from the following four tracks: Extremely complex and sophisticated rhythmic structures form a dense foundation to wafting thick soundscapes, interweaving themselves to a rarely seen sonic completeness. But Dimitar Dodovski even gets a lot more experimental with “If We’re Apart”, a track which blends Arabic chants, loops and harmonies into a casual frame of deep Dub chords. Another highlight of “Fiction Makes Sense” is the wavy “Larva, Larvae (false)”, showcasing the artist’s very original “art of stumbling” with its bumpy beats and warm, lush pads, that wash through your speakers like electronic flotsam.

Dodovski created an extremely fine piece of musical architecture, in which you’ll find new aspects each time you put it on. A truly original work.

If we´re apart
Subliminal dancer
Larva,Larvae (false)
Vintage ghost

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