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When old wooden doors in rainy Wales sway in the wind, Firnwald finds the right atmosphere for his songs.
The three-part album Cinder mixes universally danceable with uniquely dissonant pieces. The centerpiece is Dance, on which the symbiosis of nature and technology is expressed in fast electronic songs with elaborate beats and in thoughtful, aerial guitar songs. Wood offers smart drum ‘n bass combined with primal, violent tracks. Fused contains remixes of the songs on Wood and Dance contributed by numerous sound artists. Cinder makes good on its promise: a virtuoso blend of force and relaxation, aggression and peace.

Part 1 – Cinder Fused
01. Dungeon’N Drums (Any Maniac Remix)
02. Afiren (Valesta Remix)
03. Drumsigils (Schaua Remix)
04. Lines (Tomoroh Hidari Remix)
05. Know Northwest (Aairial Remix)
06. Hidden Dale (Mystified Remix)
07. Thyrpass (Adamned Age Remix)
08. Pay the specter (Quorpex Remix)
09. Barden Blendwerk (Photophob Remix)
10. Know Northeast
11. Airmed (feat. the unused word)

Part 2 – Cinder Dance
01. Dungeon’N Drums
02. Pay The Specter
03. Thyrpass (Part 1)
04. Grammhain
05. Drumsigils (Part 1)
06. Afiren
07. Know Southwest
08. Hidden Dale
09. Drudata
10. Rig Clouds (feat. Philomena)

Part 3 – Cinder Wood
01. Dungeon’n Drums
02. Sunken Lands
03. Release Cinder
04. Know Northwest
05. Drumsigils (Part 2)
06. Gleichheit
07. Thyrpass (Part 2)
08. Barden Blendwerk
09. Lines
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