Auflegware finished the year 2010 with a great release. Peter Clamat pops a cork with his album “Zuhause und Unterwegs”. He samples himself nearly to death, just to reincarnate with a “rave” empathy which forces everybody to listen and rave it up. Full stop!.

The auflegware Podcast Nr 27 with Peter Clamat Interview.
Podcast Nr.27 with Interview

Again there is a Video designed by The29Nov for the Track Christmas Timer
Christmas Timer by Peter Clamat / Video by The29Nov

Tracks :
1. Christmas Timer (re-groove) [07:58]
2. Robotic Love [03:30]
3. Shuffling Along [07:22]
4. Analogue Anthem (Kraftwerk Reminisence) [07:48]
5. Calling 1996 (Apathie) [06:16] mp3
6. Brama (Midnight) [08:36] mp3
7. Dammn Facebook API Connect Doesnt Work [05:54]
8. Captain Khorgh (Daheim und Unterwegs) [07:34]
9. Atom Universe [08:34]
10. Mexico Hase (Purple One , Gone) [10:01]

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