featuring the 10 best tracks of the monthly reviews

Welcome to the third Netlabelism Compilation. This time with a wide range from Hip Hop to House, a small visit at Inditronic and the final destination Dub. Hope you like our selection featuring the 10 best tracks of the monthly reviews. This compilation is also like the tunes on it published under creative commons license. That means you can download it for free and also share it to other people as long as you give the creators credits and don’t use it in commercial ways. But enough words, turn your speaker up and enjoy this fine piece of music.

01. Eagle Nebula – Waiting…

02. Formula – Si Mon (Featuring Zack S. Byer)

03. Adam & Alma – Back To The Sea

04. Nils Hoffmann – New Bad Summer

05. Tom Ackleberg – The Traveller

06. Deto And Gleam – Chrono (Wasted Time Mix)

07. John Ming – Floating

08. Pembls – Dubbing

09. Adapt – Venus Underwater

10. Lomovolokno – Overlay Star

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Cover by Lukas Höh – http://www.farbfundament.de
Picture by Carl W. Heindl – http://www.eroder.com

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

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