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New release by Dataman (Germany)

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Subminimal is omnipresent. Subminimal is what we feel. Subminimal is what we
This release should help during the introspection which commence a dialog
with ourself. Indeed, the question of our intrinsic self is very
intractable. The philosophy discusses several topics about the
sophistication of our self very disputed. Does the Human has an intrinsic
self, that is independently constituted by our society or is the intrinsic
self an effigy of the established society the individual is acting in. My
thesis is that the human has an intrinsic self, that we can’t consciously
access. This self I call it the individual creative capability. The problem
we have is the access of this capability, of that we can fail. This process
requires to turn off the consciously cognition and needs to turn on the
unconsciously cognition. If this process succeed, we are able to deflect the
creativity in an emotion we can and should attend, because creativity is
what we are.
Andreas Seibel (Dataman)

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