Auflegware Podcast Nr 28

The good thing about netlabels is the point, that you can leave economy out and set art on top. electronic lovers of sounds from the north will love it this time and will inhale the mystic soundscapes. Of course it’s not the new project by Karin Dreijer Andersson, but the new 43th release on auflegware. It’s the “Norw y E.P.” and is made in Zwickau (GER) by the freshblood “Inteam”. Smooth Ambientpads are transforming with samples of every origin to create a groove faraway from mainstream. Breakbeats are melting to Dub and the other way around.
But this sound isn’t just another drawer in your cupboard of music. So here is the new real “experimental” release on auflegware..

Tracks :

1. Norw Y [05:07]
2. You [06:01]
3. Marleen [04:51]
4. The Man With The Snotty Nose [05:26]

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