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Verano, born in 1978 in a little city near the area of Harz in Germany, was gripped by an amazing rave wave. Since then music is an important part of his life. After some mixtapes his own productions and live sets could be heard at different parties.

Living in Magdeburg Verano got in contact with the crew around the Arteqcue record store. Here he found people who shared his passion for electronic music. After the closing of the shop and a time of reorientation they founded the Artecque netlabel. Verano is producing deep, soulful housemusic on his label arteque and on deeper meaning with his buddy paskal as well.

what is the idea behind the mix?

there is no special idea behind the mix. basically i want to select some good music and share the it with people who know.

how and where was the mix recorded?

the mix was recorded at my small but snugly homestudio. i used traktor and an apc20 controller.

what are your main musical influences?

at the beginning there was a lot of terrible rave music. a little later i rediscovered detroit techno and the early minimal techno releases, like dj t1000 and robert hood. in these days my favorite record was the “nighttime world album” – till nowadays great music!

you are the founder of the netlabel arteqcue. what was the motivation to start a netlabel and what do you think about the actual situation of netlabels in the electronic music culture?

the original idea behind arteqcue came from paskal and some guys around the former arteqcue recordstore. our goal was to create a playground for young and talented artists. in the early days arteqcue was an community for local dj´s. over the time it develops to an international netlabel platform.
today i manage arteqcue mostly by myself, sometimes it is really difficult, but i keep it alive.

i did not really follow the actual situation of electronic netlabels. there are so many of them out there and it´s hard to keep the overview. in my opinion classic labels and netlabels will grow together more and more.

what are your plans in the future as an artist and with the label?

at this stage arteqcue is a side project. i keep it running and it´s close to me, but i didn’t have the time to take it to an higher level. arteqcue afforded allways a opportunity for young and talented artists to release music.
in the future i will spend even more time as an artist to produce own music.

there is something coming up and i’m looking forward to my next releases. so watch out for the forthcoming ep with pakal on “deeper meaning”.

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