Unser Mix des Tages

Berghain-Resident Marcel Dettmann hat für die Mixtape-Serie der japanischen Fashionistas oki-ni in die Plattenregale gegriffen, vor denen er sonst eher selten steht, und einen ganzen Schwung Platten, die seine frühe musikalische Sozialisation geprägt haben, hervor gezaubert.

I started to check in that special part of my record shelf where I’m normally rarely seen and there I found Cluster – Zuckerzeit, a record which was given to me by my dad because I used to listen to it so often when I was a child.

The whole process of putting the tracks for the mix together evolved into an interesting journey through time for me, because there are so many special moments connected with all of these tracks, particularly with the old ones. Eingeschlossen, for example, is taken from one of my favorite soundtracks (Das Boot), produced by Klaus Doldinger.

“Seduction” indeed ….

01. Chris & Cosey – Metroeme
02. Bruce Gilbert – Epitaph for Henran Brenlar
03. Twilight Ritual – Tears On The Wall
04. Kas Product – Tina Town
05. Cluster – Fotschi Tong
06. Severed Heads – Legion
07. The Klinik – Suffer In Silence
08. Raime – Retread
09. The Cure – A Strange Day
10. Klaus Doldinger – Eingeschlossen
11. Front 242 – Don’t Crash
12. Demdike Stare – Rain & Shame
13. Ultravox – Rage In Eden
14. Burning Star Core – Hopelessly Devoted
15. Section 25 – The Process
16. Pink Industry – Is This The End?

oki-ni presents SEDUCTION by Marcel Dettmann by oki-ni

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