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Freunde eigensinniger analoger House-, Techno- und Electro-Epen aufgepasst: Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt hat gerade diverse, lang vergriffene Kleinode aus seinem Backkatolg wiederveröffentlicht. Allen voran die bisher nur auf einer CD auf seinem eigenen Label Strange Life veröffentlichte Saga “The Rise And The Fall Of Manuel Noriega Pt. 1 & 2”. Aber der notorische Vielproduzent aus Den Haag hat natürlich auch schon wieder diverse neue Platten in petto. Einige davon kann man auf seinem tollen Mixtape für Viceland hören. Hier sein schnoddriger Kommentar zum Tracklisting:

Well, they’re all unreleased tracks of things soon to come, all my own work except tracks 10 and 12. These are XOSAR. Many tracks are from The Teac Life, an album that soon a free download on my site. It can be described as raw as fuck, autistic Star Trek 1987, Misty Forests, X-FILES, DETROIT unicorn futurism made ??on cheap ass digital & analog synthesizers crap recorded in a bedroom studio on a ragtag VHX TEAC cassette deck with Dolby C an unintelligible yet soulfull Vivacity. So not that boring, clean farm cocks techno you hear everywhere today. Furthermore, some stuff from an album coming soon to Clone Records and released some stupid things that will be released on house LIES, Long Island Electrical Systems from New York. They have just released an album of mine, SARK ISLAND ACID. But there comes another one is.

01. Sketches of Gyrocire
02. Legowelt – Half Moon 106 (The Teac Life)
03. Legowelt – Wherever We Go (The Teac Life)
04. Legowelt – Do Your Thing (unreleased)
05. Legowelt – Desert Soul Power (unreleased)
06. Legowelt – Metro Airport (The Teac Life)
07. Legowelt – SH High School Daze (unreleased L.I.E.S)
08. Legowelt – Teen Romance (unreleased L.I.E.S)
09. Legowelt -It Is Within (Here Is Were We Meet The Challenge) (unreleased)
10. XOSAR – Rainy Day Juno Jamz
11. Legowelt – Clap Yo Handz (unreleased Clone)
12. XOSAR – Tropical Cruise
13. Legowelt – Dare to Dream (The Teac Life)

Legowelt – Mixtape For Viceland – July 2011 by R_co

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