6 mind travel electro-world tunes...

[LCLCB06] Brandy Alexander Project + Laps
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) september 2011

Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

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01. 1245
02. Türkyie
03. Sinful hymn
04. Kappadokia
05. Rain
06. Salvador

” Mixing electronic sounds with world-music influences and fieldrecordings (such as Muezzin chants in Istanbul, sounds caught during a
Sufi Ceremony in the middle of the Turkish region of Kappadokia), “EPP1” is a fascinating and imaginative slow stream of electro-acoustic
melodies and sonic landscapes. A melting-pot of sounds inspired by different cultures and their representative music, which reflects the mix of cultures in modern cities.
“EPP1” is the result of a collaborative work between musicians with different backgrounds, poets, video-makers and random people met on the road.
The album has been recorded in The Brandy Alexander Project’s home studio in Brixton (London) between 2007 and 2011.”

Brandy Alexander Project – september 2011

” Travels, encounters, mix of cultures and sounds, that’s the story of this album, and also the kind of stories we like to tell !
EPP1 is the perfect illustration of a clever conversation between genres and eras.”

LCL – september 2011

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