A cancelled gig led to a spare week, which led to a bunch of field recordings from around the city, which led to this album. Nearly all the sounds you hear were sourced from the people, places and inanimate objects in the city, from bicycles and cake pans to construction workers and tramps.

Big thanks to Jesse Morrison, Sarah Lamb, Zaid Edghaim, Sia Gee, Alicia Hush & the rest of the Hushlamb crew for making it happen.

Written & Produced by Tom Ellis.

01. Catch the Transatlantic Pigeon
02. If She Wants You Back
03. Spare Week On Wellington
04. Six Missing Lyrics and Seven Cows
05. The Gang’s On Seven
06. Stair Wells and Cake Pans
07. The Man In The Concrete Sphere
08. The Russian Doll Effect

Full Download (122MB – 320kbps MP3 Zip)

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