After an almost two year abstinence we welcome Antonio Bruno
back on again. The new album „Clip“ is his fifth
release on our label, and we do think it‘s one of his greatest
works. He‘s merging a warm bass with piano tones and plain sounds
to a wonderful collage sometimes releasing tiny melody fragments.
None of the tracks uses any beats – which ist quite particular.
Music for the senses, ,something to fall off‘,
somewhere between Ambient and IDM.


01..Antonio_Bruno big-bang 05:30 | MP3

02. Antonio_Bruno clip 05:40 | MP3

03. Antonio_Bruno eco 05:42 | MP3

04. Antonio_Bruno last cigarette 05:00 | MP3

05. Antonio_Bruno platt 06:50 | MP3

06. Antonio_Bruno the4 06:31 | MP3

07. Antonio_Bruno the5 06:59 | MP3

Download Complete Release ZIP 105,2 MB

Release: 21/09/2011

Style: ambient / idm

P3-Format: 320Kbit/s Stereo