Overview of the vast range of netaudio.

Netlabelism is a loose bunch of music-addicted people who love to share the most valuable tunes to be found on the internet for free. We pick up quality music on the web and try to give you an overview of the vast range of netaudio and news from within the world of netaudio at http://www.netlabelism.com.

With the Netlabelism CAST you can expect an ever evolving program with continually changing content – whether that change occurs to the format to make it focused on one genre for an episode or the focus is on a label spotlight or a DJ, don’t expect us to fall in any format ruts too quickly. Our podcast is going to serve as an extension of our blog by featuring music we have reviewed, artists we have spoken to and features we have presented as well as provide supplemental and additional features for all we do on the blog.

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