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01.Wenzel Mehnert-Triptichon 7:00 | MP3

02.Wenzel Mehnert feat. Matei-Vagrant 08:22 | MP3

03.Wenzel-Mehnert feat. Tobi Dietler-Paranoika 07:11 | MP3

04.Wenzel-Mehnert Paranoika Biodub-Remix 08:27 | MP3

Download Complete Release ZIP 71,3 MB

Release: 22/02/2012

Style: Dub Techno / Electronica

P3-Format: 320Kbit/s Stereo


DN 025 >>> Wenzel Mehnert – „Deeplink“

The new "Deeplink EP" of Berlin based electro artist Wenzel Mehnert stands for deep music, border-crossing different genres. The link is it‘s deepness, turning out as dubstep, techno and drum‘n‘bass. The music is dominated by warm sub basses, wide chords and percussion sounds that wave in the air. This music isn‘t inevitably made for dance floors. It rather demands attention, offers a passion for details and experimental sound collages. Thus it creates endless deep rooms where one easily could loose himself.

The EP contains four tracks of different producers. The first three tracks are produced by Wenzel Mehnert himself, meandering from techno to dubstep. The first one is a classical and melodious interpretation of dubtechno. The second track is more experimental and tells us the story of a vagrant, a free traveller on his way on freight trains and country roads. Track three attends to dubstep, inspired by Shackelton‘s "Blood on my Hands". The poem of Tobias Diedler accompanies the listener on his journey into the deep.

The last track is a remixe by dubtechno artist Biodub. Made for dancefloors it perfectly completes the new release by Wenzel Mehnert.
Have fun while listening …

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