Section Amour ist ein Kollektiv von Künstlern rings um Active Suspension, Evenement! und Clapping Musik und die Tracks hier sind von einer Ausstellung vor ein paar wochen.

Improvised, mixed, played, edited and mastered by Section Amour at Fondation Cartier, from June,19 to June, 22 2005, using works by artists of the “J’en rêve” exhibition, and “colours” made by the S.A. members.
Many thanks to the artists for let us use their artworks.

36 seconds
stairway to the seventh floor
jolie mois de loin
one for lili
les matins
dressing horses with jacques cartier
the de-hairing
muqueuse aqueuse
porte de velours
soupe de tortue
36 seconds continued
lili falling