Logic Moon

In Polygon Garden EP Tobias Lorsbach sows a scattering of bright plucked strings, vivid glitches, chirps and yelps into a rich ground of droning strings. His mixture of natural recordings with abstract synthetic sounds intermingle to the point where neither seem to be exotic.

The EP begins with Tobias’ most melodic and somber track, Surreal Garden. Plucked strings hover then whirl away into a breadth of space.

Tobias’ gardens make sophisticated mood swings between each track. The second garden, Harmful, best explores the emotional unease of a foreign realm by running listeners through a collage of voices and thicket of rumbling modulations.

Moving through Drifting Garden reveals a serene place with suddenly ripening sonics, both jarring in their outbursts and oddly at peace amongst the earthly foliage he’s cultivated from fuzzy tones.

Surreal Garden
Harmful Garden
Polygon Garde
Drifting Garden

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