After a short 2-month break, we’re back in business and very happy presenting you a new artist on our label – the Osaka based The Creature Cocoa. His 4-Track-EP »Don’t Explain« is (as the titles says itself) not that really explainable: It’s a glitchy kind of IDM for some moments, but then there are these parts of jazzy Hip Hop and dronish electronica and when you keep listening further, you’ll stick in some groovy bars of breakbeats… So let’s stop explaining and keep listening to the tracks!

The Creature Cocoa – Kidney of Bloom
The Creature Cocoa – Vanilla Calms
The Creature Cocoa – The Oceansong Her Lips
The Creature Cocoa – Azote

Download the EP for free at Bandcamp. Just enter »0 Euro« (or even more)….

We’ll produce a limited run special edition with a number of 25 pcs. The limited edition CD comes in a slick transparent cd-tray including 3 photo-prints of TCC’s artwork – all packed together in a stickered and numbered brown cd-sized air buffer envelope. Head over to our Bandcamp and grab your pre-order right now.


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