Quadrakey - Brothel Sound

Growing up, we’re told countless times to never judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, we’ve all done it and most of us continue to do it (whether it’s conscious or subconscious). In most cases, these judgement’s tend to be pretty spot on. However, on certain occasions, this can backfire and we end up being completely surprised. Enter Quadrakey, which is made up of Russian-born couple Gherda and Kero. Upon first glance, it’s hard not to be taken aback by how pleasant, friendly, and unassuming this duo appears. They seem like genuinely nice and honest people (which they are). It’s not until you press play on one of their mixes or original tracks that you are slapped with how much soul and funk this couple manages to harness on the decks. I have only said this about a handful of artists, but I can say it with certainty about Quadrakey; they have an intimate knowledge and passion for house music second to few. I downloaded a mix of theirs roughly seven months ago and it is still listened to a few times a week. It really is that good. Their mixing skills are fantastic, their track selection is absolutely on point, and the passion that they have for house music is clearly audible in everything they do. I have been trying for months to get them to do a mix for our site and things finally panned out this month. This one is truly wonderful. Deep, soulful, and mixed with passion.
(c) Brothel Sound

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Prozent Music is a German net-label created in February 2009. The label is set to release and promote the minimal techno and techhouse music. All the music presented on Prozent Music is shared absolutely free. Our artists keep rights on the released material according to the Creative Commons License. We are always happy to help new artists to release and promote their music if the concept of that music is well aligned with our label.

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