after a short break, it´s now time for a very special release. we like to celebrate with you our 50th publication. 15 artists will carry you through the multi-layered sound of ccrec and make this a fun trip to the extra class. from the deepest spheres of minimal house, over modulated electro grooves to atmospherically dense techno.
in addition to his track, each artist is part with a very individual picture, a special impression, created for this album. the album cover, jubilation posters, jubilation postcards and jubilation screensaver pictures were build with these pics. check out the zip package for this release. it includes all tracks and artwork in print quality.

we are proud and grateful that we can celebrate with you and our fantastic artists this anniversary and we are looking forward to the next 50 and hope you are with it. much fun and joy with this release. we keep you on the wire.

02_angel galán_colonization
03_rodrigo atler_en frio y sin aviso
05_meto_space ducks
07_krzho_god mode
10_evade_reminder version
11_polarproject_surreal wish
12_jeff willett_s.glacier
13_alan rose_green elves party
15_chechnyan love_temporary luck

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About The Author

clear-cut-records was founded in 2007 as an indipendent electronic music label. the goal is to support and promote talented musicians and producers all around the globe to become public knowledge. the music style reaches from techno to techouse from minimal to deephouse. all releases has one commen: unique and individual electronic sounds - pure emotions. for the club and also for homelistening. all the time the perfect sound. following the clear-cut-records credo: music for minimal moments.

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