Die neue Sutemos Compilation ist da. Und wie immer brilliante sehr schöne schillernde Tracks.

This summer we release yet one more Sutemos compilation. This time it will be different from the previous ones. Full of summer’s evening beauty Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings will be dedicated to something that can be named as a soft mixture of post/indie rock, instrumental, synth, ambient music with a sprinkle of electronic experiments. Additionally, almost all tracks will be featured by vocals. The works on this compilation started last autumn. From the very beginning we tried to concentrate on esthetics and beauty, not names. No numbers, no facts, no data – just pure and gorgeous beauty. This summery sad and longing compilation will feature artworks from a little fairy No_joy that will be filled with sincerity, tenderness and calmness

marsen jules – couer saignant
vlid – make them breath
stockfinster – all becomes music
transient – castor
sepia hours – still blossoming again and again
stockfinster – a crack in time
sleepy town manufacture – long time no see
the london apartmens – streetlights are soldiers
pendatone – only to sleep in
reed rothchild – the great century
st – ill meet you there
fanoda – neu mit haus und den menschen und dort
readymade – the fake but no finish
fusedmarc – funny

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  1. firnwald

    der absolute hammer diese compi ! da hammer schlechthin