Autumn is coming in full effect and time is just right for SpontanMusik to give away for free Tilman’s first long player “Undefinable”, a colourful journey into deep house territories. His music is emerging one step away from the microhouse sound the Klamauk founder is well known for. Compartmentalized sampling is replaced with a more organic approach to music. Rich textured melodic layers of jazzy chords and detroitish synthlines set the tone for the album. Some of the tracks emerged from connections to Mainz based musicians as well as collaborations with friends as The Clover or his french buddys from Cellule Eat.
As a special, SpontanMusik presents a remix by Manolo, one of the seven remixes which will be part of the upcoming Remix Compilation!

Tracklist MP3
10.0 MB
One Night In Rome
14.2 MB
Traveling (Feat. The Clover / Voice by Elisabeth)
10.6 MB
12.1 MB
Galactic (Feat. Ava’s Verden)
8.5 MB
Duck & Cover (Feat. Ass of Bass & Jack Deniel)
10.3 MB
Organic Drifting
9.4 MB
Lo Fi (Feat. Jacob and the Appleblossom)
12.5 MB
Don’t Love We Got The Music
11.2 MB
Future Proofing (Trumpet by Florian Wehse)
11.0 MB
Night Radio
16.2 MB
There Was A Visitor
6.5 MB
Press This Button
12.6 MB
Smitten Kitchen
11.6 MB
Press This Button (Manolo Remix)
13.2 MB

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13 Responses

  1. Wurstbrot

    Super Voice, gut abgemischt, und – und, und eigentlich sind alle Grundvoraussetzungen absolut vorhanden.

    Trotzdem hört sich das fertige Produkt glatt gebügelt und belanglos an.
    Es wird bedingt durch diesen Weichspülfaktor keinerlei Spuren hinterlassen.
    Schade bei diesem vorhandenen Potenzial.

    Nicht ein Track findet Platz in meiner Libary.