Imagine, you’re sitting on a fluffy couch after taking the »pill that makes you larger« and having some great optics… What would be missing? Some sound, eh? So here’s the right dose of beats for that kind of setting: the new 10-track self-titled album by Saskatchewan based artist Virtual Flannel. Fragments of hip/trip-hop, catchy synths’n’basses and distorted kicks’n’snares are mixed all together in a booty-shakin’ funky way of slowmo-IDM. In case of spontaneous need for movement, listen to that album louder than ever before and start moving your assssss…

Download the album at Bandcamp


There are 25 fancy ART PACKS available with the following content:
– 1 CD
– 24 stickers
– 3 duotone-Risograph-printed Posters (420 mm x 297 mm)
– 1 pair of shiny 3-D glasses for the »real« optics

Be sure to grab your copy at BANDCAMP before it gets sold out.