This EP consists of 4 electronic but organic tracks which make YOU AND ME, WE an EP that allows you to sense the vibe that these artist share with each other producing in one studio and being friends.

Tatiana recorded the vocals for Ti i Ya at dawn after a long night out. Having a microphone in one hand and a bottle of Russias finest liquor in the other she sang the lovely lines which inspired Richard alias Gitte Verfuehrt to capture this special moment packed in a sophisticated electronic funk track. Egokind proved once again his remix skills as he kept the spirit of TI I YA though he
twisted and turned it around. Funkenstrom and his remixer Rich vom Dorf are friends for a long time. Growing up together they have been influenced by the same music. Even though living in separate cities they develop sounds
that underline the connection between the two of them. Wir is prefaced by spherical organ tunes of Funkenstrom coupled with a cheerful and flickering hookline. The Remix carries this on but in a functional way suitable for clubs.

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