Wondermachine 003 - Jarz - A Story With A Touch

The music of Jarz (aka Gino Maduro) is warm and tells stories. He has a natural talent for sound design, and brilliantly combines atmospheres with glitch, experimental sounds and jazz elements. He is a out of the box thinking artist with a strong emotional approach. The result is a subtle, very personal sound, with an incredible care for detail.
Revy and Fabio Papa did their best, and bring us radiant interpretations, completing the release with two outstanding remixes.

Released 13 February 2013 by Wondermachine Music
Music by Jarz (Gino Maduro)
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx

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About The Author

Wondermachine is dedicated to spontaneous music inventions and experimentation, especially focused on interaction between electronics and other improvised forms of music. The purpose is to encourage the expression of very personal visions, try to achieve fusions of different musical languages and develop new structures.