01 – Baumfreund – Garten Eden | MP3
02 – Baumfreund – Dyonisus | MP3
03 – Baumfreund – Omphalus | MP3
04 – Baumfreund – Ulan Bator | MP3

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Release: 24/03/2013
Style: Dub Techno / Electronica
MP3-Format: 320Kbit/s Stereo

DN 027 >>> Baumfreund –
„Mythen, Sagen und andere Märchen“

With Baumfreund is starting into 2013. This great artist has also released some wonderful tracks on german labels such as 60Herz or Tiefenrausch, fine music to be located somewhere between Dub Techno, House and Electronica.
His first work for dreiton is a unique intermezzo of Dub Techno and House. His tracks have to offer much more than chords loosing itselve in endless delays, warm plains or driving beats. You just can feel that this kind of music has not only been written to work in clubs. But it‘s about those tiny, coltish and elegant melody fragments that make us to listen more closely. And that give us warmth and make us to feel somehow melancholic. Maybe this is exactly the right thing to enjoy during winter time.

Have fun and enjoy listening!

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