Dubby Xmas ! 17 massive reworks for all dubheads around, free & legal download as would Santa say...

Steinregen Dubsystem : Recycled (LCL38)
[LCL38] Steinregen Dubsystem : Recycled
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) december 2013

Release page : http://www.lclweb.org/audio_lp_lcl38.htm
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

” Young, impetuous, eclectic, our meeting with Steinregen was a rich story telling a common love for music and sharing. Producers, instrumentists, and sound gatherers, their music tells a lot about the people they met. It was then natural for them to propose a remixes album so that the musicians can return them the favour !
17 massive reworks from their 2012 album, tasting like dub(step), electronica, ska,minimal, and much more…”

LCL – december 2013

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01. Roots And Leaves Recycled (EQuBE remix)
02. Riddim Of My Heart Recycled (Lüra remix)
03. Empress Recycled (Lata remix)
04. Drinking Song Recycled (Akarola remix)
05. Andiel Recycled (Ras Tilo remix)
06. Jah Lion Recycled (Hans Gruber remix)
07. Homeland Recycled (Juju planet Dub remix)
08. Sweet Sensi Recycled (TRVE remix)
09. Drinking Song Recycled (Herbstauch remix)
10. Kichwa Chako Recycled (Bensnburner remix)
11. Empress Recycled (Goyo Naranja & Damaa remix)
12. Menina Da Sera Recycled (Pellectronica remix)
13. Riddim Of My Heart Recycled (EQuBE remix)
14. Drinking Song Recycled (Dava remix)
15. World Meditates Recycled (Ras Amerlock remix)
16. Andiel Recycled (Bassinfected remix)
17. Jah Lion Recycled (mildtape remix)

ZIP File : https://archive.org/download/lcl38SteinregenDubsystemRecycled/lcl38SteinregenDubsystemRecycled_vbr_mp3.zip