The first subspiele cd is finally here which goes out to all the lovers of deep music.


the first subspiele cd is finally here which goes out to all the lovers of deep music. Naturally, it features one of the hottest producers of these days: Martin Nonstatic. A close friend of mine and member of the subspiele family. Back in the days when I first met Martin –  almost 2 years ago –  his name did not ring a bell. But then again, my memory for names is pretty poor. After our first encounter, I thoughtlessly scrolled through my favorite playlist just to discover quite a few of his tracks among the ones hold dearest. Wow, unknowingly I had just met the guy whose music I have been truly appreciating for quite some time already. no wonder, this turned out to be not only a great friendship but also a great musical collaboration which finally lead to this  album with tracks created exclusively for subspiele.


Interview with the artist

subspiele: first of all i have to admit that this is a special moment for me as a friend and as a label. To bring subspiele o the next step – a physical step – with a wonderful album from you. For subspiele thats a perfect start for a stunning cd series. Those tracks are somehow different from your other tracks. What was you Intention to do it that way?

martin: Hello frank, hello sub.spiele. And first of all I have to admit that it is a special moment for me too! A physical level for both and for the people out there. Exiting moments. Yes the tracks are in some way very different. I tried to get deeper in touch with my earlier and even first tracks i arranged between 8-14 years ago. Just sharing and studying older sequences and sounds recorded on mini disks, cd ´s and tapes for hours with my equipment trying to find some endless soundscapes. That’s why I arranged this album in a more extended way with slowly progressions and shifting elements inside the tracks.

subspiele: why did you call the track or the release „back on earth” ?

martin: I tried to take myself (and the listener) into a journey of sound on earth and along the space. First leaving the past, followed by spending intensive 15 minutes on earth and different stages in outer space finding my / himself Back on earth again finishing the journey. –Back home–

subspiele: you released a lot of wonderful tracks and remixes in the last days, also on subspiele. wow much time do you spent in the studio ?

martin: I spend a lot of time with my instruments and notebook from august till december. Can’t really say how many hours… “15 minutes on earth” and ” moon arrival ” have been feeded with many many hours… but more because of a my less rushing workflow :-)

subspiele: more specifically, how did you produce these tracks ? which synths and which daw were used ?

martin: i used ableton with max for live again as host software, since version 2.0 its indispensable for me.
The Waldorf microwave xt had his leading part in most tracks. For example the moving texture/pad sound starting in ” the past” is edited in the xt. Further i used a lot of vst stuff like the Fabfilter series, the ACE and Diva form Uhe, Phosycon and sigmund from D-16. and little toys.

subspiele: what is your perspective for you path forward?

martin: A pretty exiting path. Right after this great sub.spiele project there will be some more physical releasings on CD for BINE music, Ultimae compil., and some other digital. And not to forget my DUOLUXE , Audio-visual Project with markus aka Soundwiese that is in a good mood and progression.

subspiele: how do you feel right now ?

martin: on fire :-) good… thank u Frank.

Review of an unknown writer

You look into the determined eyes of your fellow astronaut as the two mentally prepare for your first journey into space. You can feel the excitement about the upcoming mission in the air… it is taking your breath away… and at the same time pictures of your past arise and disappear in front of you.. Your family, your friends… Now, it is only the two of you in this space shuttle. Only 15 min on earth left. The countdown starts…3….2….1….and off you go! Through massive vibration the space shuttle lifts you up way above mother earth which you watch getting smaller and smaller through the bull’s-eye of the space shuttle… so quickly…days go buy in weightlessness… and then it is time to prepare for moon arrival. Setting foot on this lunar crater, which seems to swallow any sound. You pass the dazzling winds of mars as the journey continues through the mesmerizing labyrinths between the planets further along the Milky Way. The moons of neptun appear to your left… the way they circle around neptun reminds you of giant Christmas tree balls… you reach the final station of your mission… it’s time to head back home…you watch the beloved green and blue planet come closer…you simply can’t wait any longer.. your back on earth.


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