cl-048 | Monoiz – Frequenciestructure (Audio-Video Release)


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Monoiz returns to Crazy-Language with a bang.

Multiplied Phonem was his first treat to the Crazy-Language family, a journey spent mostly through the high-pitch rhythmic frequencies popularized by Raster Noton.

But as is tradition with Berlin’s net label, Monoiz has a very fresh take on a saturated genre: unexpected melodies came pouring through the cold rhythms, aided by beautiful subtle pads to wrap it up on a nice bow tie.

Not only does Frequencistructure keep the audio tradition intact, albeit much more detailed and refined than his previous endeavor, but also now you get to experience it visually. A long time collaborator with Monoiz, Escrauva designed these audio reactive artifacts that can be applied to both studio and live performance, where the visuals absorb these clean and precise frequencies, morphing into unique shapes to a respectively unique sound.

The artwork takes a similar approach, this time on a single and perfectly structured frame, representative of each song and video, courtesy of Tommaso Art.

These four incredible visual companion pieces to his audio, which despite being mostly abstract in nature, follow a very evolving narrative per say. Structure01 starts off in a more rigid manner but the static is revealing something… the loose bits and pieces start to create beautiful flocks of geometry imagery on Structure02, only to get more precise and confident throughout Structure03. Everything is wrapped up during the bumpy ride that is Structure04, a perfect summary to both audio and video.

Monoiz evolved into unexpected directions and we’re glad we get to witness it, through these four audiovisual artifacts, a perfect post-winter interlude to what’s to come next on Crazy-Language. (F.G.)




Structure01 from Escrauva on Vimeo.


Structure02 from Escrauva on Vimeo.


Structure03 from Escrauva on Vimeo.


Structure04 from Escrauva on Vimeo.


Music programmed and composed by MONOIZ

Artwork by TOMMASO ART

Videos by ESCRAUVA 


the whole release is under creative commons: by-nc-nd 


released with Crazy Language 2013-04-10:


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