[WOND009] Jarz – Little Things EP

Jarz is back!
It is a pleasure for us to present you the second release of Jarz on Wondermachine.
Care to detail, disregard of rules, soulful harmonies, field recordings, warm organic backgrounds and unpredictable melodies – the music of Jarz is made of Little Things.
Shunsuke Akimoto, our man in Tokyo, contributes with two personal reinterpretations.
The third remix comes from Andres Marcos.

Music by Jarz (Gino Maduro)
Artwork by Jonathan Mangeninckx
Mastering by Jaco Hernandez
Remixes by Shunsuke Akimoto and Andres Marcos Revellado
Released 22 May 2014


About The Author

Wondermachine is dedicated to spontaneous music inventions and experimentation, especially focused on interaction between electronics and other improvised forms of music. The purpose is to encourage the expression of very personal visions, try to achieve fusions of different musical languages and develop new structures.