Papascandy is our first "classical reggae" release, so we're very excited about it, both because some of them are friends, and also because it's damn good !

[LCL44] Papascandy : Speakin Up
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) november 2014
Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

Papascandy : Speakin Up cover

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01. Feeling
02. Demmadont
03. Why wasting
04. Warrior
05. Linton
06. Dubadont (Chalart 58 version)

Live video clip :


Papascandy is our first “classical reggae” release, so we’re very excited about it, both because some of them are friends, and also because it’s damn good !

/ / / CREDITS / / /

Cover artwork : Polipo Sans Li

Tracks 1, 2 and 3 (Feeling, Demmadont and Why wasting) and track 6 (Dubbadont)
Recorded and mixed at “Kinky Beat Studios” by Chalart 58, who also did the remix Dubbadont.
Mastered by Yvess Roussel
Guitar , Vocals and backing vocals: “Mono” De Gennaro
Bass: Luciano Monis
Drums: Walter Mandato
Trumpet: Crisitian “Cata” Carrasco
Keyboard and backing vocals: Gabriela Ahumada
* Guests:
Isis Urrutia Alegria: Percussion and backing vocals
Chalart58: Percussion in Demmadont
Oscar Frutos: Trombone in Why wasting
Adriano Torregiani: Baritone Sax in Feeling and Demmadont

Tracks 4 and 5 (Warrior and Linton)
Recorded, mixed and mastered at “Input Studios” by Oscar Lopez and Jordi Senero.
Guitar and vocals: “Mono De Gennaro”
Bass: Luciano Monis
Drums: Walter Mandato
Keyboards and backing vocals: Gabriela Ahumada
Keyboards and backing vocals: Nelson Lisboa
Percussion: Didier Roch
Trumpet and backing vocals: Cristian “Cata” Carrasco
* Guests:
Tenor Sax: Alejandro Bustos
Trombone: Emanuel Valencia

/ / / ARTIST BIO / / /

Papascandy is a reggae band from Barcelona.”Speaking up”, their first EP, was recorded at the end of 2010 and released (only 500 independent copies) in January 2011. The three tracks, plus a dub remix by Chalart 58, who also recorded and mixed the EP, show their personal approach to reggae, adding some souly and dubby moments to their tunes.
The project begun a couple of years earlier, when Luciano Monis (bass, Argentina), Walter Mandato (drums, Italy) and Federico “Mono” De Gennaro (guitar and vocals, Argentina), started rehearsing. Soon Cristian “Kata” Carrasco (trumpet and backing vocals, Chile), and Gabriela Ahumada (keyboard and backing vocals, Chile) joined the band and with this formation and some guests (Isis Urrutia and Chalart58 in percussion, Oscar Frutos in trombone and Adriano Torregiani in sax)they recorded “Speaking up”.
The band was still incomplete until Nelson Lisboa (keyboard and backing vocals, Portugal) and Didier Roch(percussion, France) joined in. With this lineup they did their first gigs and recorded two more tracks added later to the EP, “Warrior” and “Linton”, recorded and mixed by Oscar Lopez and Jordi Senero at Input Studios. For this new tracks, they had again some guests in the brasses, Alejandro Bustos in tenor sax and Emanuel Valencia with the trombone.
During 2011 Walter and Nelson left the band and were replaced by Omar Diadji (drums, Senegal) and Mauro Recine (guitar, Uruguay). Between 2011 and 2012 they played more than 30 shows round Spain. Papascandy is now in a period of hibernation…

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