First CDr Release on Deeptakt Records

We’re proud to introduce Avguchenko as the newest member of the growing Deeptakt Records family. Having released albums on City Zen Digital and KOSMO, he discovered his affection for Dub Techno and Deep Electronic music back in 2012.

“Deep in the Forest Thickest” features an intriguing mix of Electronica, Deep Techno and Dub Techno elements – mesmerizing chords, gorgeous electronic sounds and truly DEEP compositions filled with well-balanced variations are key features of this release.

Avguchenko has created an outstanding album which offers a wide range of electronic music styles from straight tracks like “Naked Sun” to sadder and more thoughtful pieces such as “Hope it Never Dies”.

We suggest everyone who enjoys this genre to give the album a spin – we’re sure you will love it as much we do.

Deeptakt Records 2015


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1| Avguchenko – Dead Wood (Intro)
2| Avguchenko – Drop in Cave
3| Avguchenko – Sky is Crying
4| Avguchenko – Cold Fish
5| Avguchenko – Naked Sun
6| Avguchenko – Shades (Interlude)
7| Avguchenko – Lonely Village
8| Avguchenko – Nickel Bell
9| Avguchenko – Hope is Never Dies (Outro)

All track produced by Andrey Avguchenko.
Copyright by Deeptakt Records 2015.

Mastering by Soup Mastering
Artwork by Deeptakt Records & Avguchenko

About Avguchenko:

Avguchenko – project of russian electronic music producer Andrey Avguchenko.
Andrey began his acquaintance with electronic music in 1998.
Study of digital audio sequencers has generated tremendous interest in creating his own works.
The emergence of virtual instruments at the beginning of 2000 and their further development
has opened up for him the world of sound synthesis and sound design.
In 2012 under the influence of dub vibrations, starts in the styles of dub techno, deep techno.
Soundcloud Avguchenko

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